The History of Roses

From the earliest times we have cherished and admired the Rose. No other flower has meant as much to civilization. Of course we give our wives & girlfriends roses on Valentine’s Day or their birthday. Or when we are courting. But why? What makes the Rose so special?

We know from fossil records that Roses have been around for about 35 million years. China began garden cultivation of roses about 5,000 years ago. And old Christian texts had numerous references to roses. The red rose is said to be symbolic of Christ’s bodily suffering. The color symbolizing his blood and the thorns his crown.

Historic figures are also entwined with roses. Cleopatra was said to have strewn red rose petals in her bedroom when she met with Roman Legionnaire Marc Antony so that wherever he travelled he would think of her when he smelled a rose. William Shakespeare famously said “a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet” in the famous Romeo & Juliet. And why does the White House have a Rose Garden and not a Petunia Garden? 🤔 It’s because roses are special, symbolic and extraordinary!

Roses are unique because they represent all things to all people. Red roses represent love & passion, yellow symbolize joy & friendship, white roses represent purity, even black roses suggest loss.
And the list goes on..

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