How does the monthly subscription work?

For only $10/month or $100/year, you will receive 3 E-designs of everything from coffee table designs, kitchen counter designs, foyer designs, etc. You will also receive 1 full-room E-design each month! The room will be determined each month by YOU with a vote you can cast on the website. SO much fun!! Each design will include links with pricing and may be mixed & matched to fit your budget.

How do I sign up?

Just go to the signup section on the website. It’s easy!

How do I buy the items in the design?

Just click on the links provided and it will take you straight to the store where you can see price, dimensions, colors, etc. and buy it.

Why 3 designs each month?

I’ll create 3 unique designs with 3 price points so one will fit every budget.

How can I hire you for a full-room E-Design?

Just send pics and dimensions of your room along with a description of what style you want and if there are any current pieces you want to keep and I’ll create a design to fit your style and budget with links for easy shopping. I’ll suggest paint color and floors if you need that too!