If you want your Christmas tree  to look like it’s straight from a magazine use  these directions no matter what Christmas style or theme you love. 

STEP 1: Ready the tree & gather supplies

  • Fluff and open all of the branches
  • Make sure that all of the lights are working
  • Add  the lights in every layer when you are fixing the branches
  • Make sure your tree is straight

STEP 2: Start decorating

  • Add your wired ribbon. (I cut mine 17 inches long)
  • Add the large Flowers
  • Add the large ornaments. Don’t just hang them, let the branches snuggle the ornaments!
  • Add the medium ornaments
  • Add the small or special ornaments on outer branches of the tree

STEP 3:  Christmas Tree topper

  • You can use a Star, an Angel or just picks. I added a crown because it helps keep the picks in a nice shape and they don’t move around and droop down.

Step 4:  Final touch

  • I always add my picks on the end because I can see the empty areas where they are needed!
  • Finally, add your Christmas tree skirt!

I hope you find these tips helpful! 

Please share your Christmas tree with me! Have an amazing time decorating your tree! In my next blog I will bring a fun and different decorating idea! Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss my new blog!

To watch the full step by step video click HERE!

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